Friday, 9 February 2018


After living here for 7 years, I have discovered a few things about living a low-impact, low-cost lifestyle here in Berlin.

Low-impact and low-cost go hand in hand and mean that you can have more time to enjoy all of Berlin's delights, instead of trying to match your payslip to your expenses.

The obligation to work long hours costs you opportunities to follow your interests and supporting local projects.

Berlin is a unique place that has been named the "sharing capital of Europe", as well as being recognised as a city where the alternative post-capitalistic is obvious to those who seek it out.

In this blog I hope to highlight some of the ways which will free you from that capitalistic hamster wheel and allow you take back some control and, hopefully, encourage the growth of this way of living.

I will organise my tips under different categories on the right hand side of this page for easy indexing.

Estimated weekly cost of living cheaply (but richly) in Berlin:
Accommodation -    91€
Food & drink      -   25€
Sport                   -    15€
Mobility              -    2€ 
Entertainment     -    6€

Total                    = 138€